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Red Horse

Native American Healer

Red Horse

Red Horse is a Native American Indian who is a descendant of the Mescalero Apache Tribe, from the Southwest of North America.
In 2001 Red Horse arrived in Australia, travelled around our beautiful shores and met his wife Natalia. They were married in 2004.
They now live in the beautiful south eastern suburb of Berwick and manage their own company, Native American Productions.
Together their vision is to share the magnificent, rich and spiritual culture of the Native American Indian. Their enthusiasm in educating and entertaining the people of Australia has captivated all that are privileged enough to experience their wonderful productions which are directed by them both.
Their ambition is to inspire our future generations to cherish and respect each other in this fragile world we live in and for each individual to embrace their very own indigenous background.
This amazingly gifted man is a speaker, an educator, a storyteller, a singer, a flutist, a dancer and actor. Wherever and whenever he performs, he mesmerizes his audience of every age group. His performances throughout Australia have received rave reviews.
Natalia is the creator and producer of all the intricate hand beading, feather and leather work which makes up Red Horse’s stunning traditional regalia.
Together they teach sustainability in schools and inspire our youth to live in harmony via the Native American culture and educate adults through their very popular and inimitable, full day Native American interactive experiences that are held in Melbourne.

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